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Best Deep-Sea Fishing in Gold Coast

Are you looking for a calm and relaxing getaway or an entertaining fishing trip with your friends and family on the Gold Coast? Not to worry, as Gone Fishing Gold Coast has you covered. From sedentary whale-watching in the winters to a serene and exhilarating fishing experience in the summers, Gone Fishing Gold Coast has you covered with the best equipment, skippers, and the perfect spot for you to fish.


  • Gone Fishing Gold Coast provides you with a large and spacious, comfortable 52-ft vessel that can accommodate up to 27 passengers, specialized skippers, and the latest fishing equipment to ensure that you are comfortable during your fishing trip.
  •  We offer competitive prices and assure excellent customer service. 
  • Coldwater, coffee, and tea are also provided with no extra charges. 
  • Lunches are included in 7-hour packages. 
  • Free parking is also available. 
  • Gone Fishing Gold Coast’s services are just a call away!

Best Deep-Sea Fishing Packages

Gone Fishing Gold Coast provides you with a variety of packages that best fit your interest. The packages are as follows:

  • Half-Day Morning

From 6 am till 11 am, Gone Fishing Gold Coast will provide you with an offshore fishing boat in Gold CoastCharges are $150 per person. This package is perfect for you if you enjoy the cool morning sea breeze and are short on cash. With this economic package, you can be out on the sea at dawn and visit a breathtaking sunset on the Gold Coast horizon with your loved ones.

  • Half-Day Afternoon

From 11:55 am till 4:55 am, you can go out into the deep seas of the Gold Coast and spend a fun and exciting afternoon fishing with your friends and family. Charges are $150 per person. The Half-Day Afternoon package is just right for you if you are the type of person who enjoys getting basked in the sunlight.

  • Full Day

From 6 am till 4 pm, spend your whole day fishing in the calm and relaxing seas of the Gold Coast with your loved ones. Charges are $240 per person. This package is suitable for people willing to spend the whole day fishing.

  • Buck Parties

Celebrate the day before your marriage on the Gold Coast, and show off your bucks in the most extensive fishing charter on the Gold Coast!

  • Gifts for Him/her

With the absolute adrenaline rush, surprise and spoil your loved ones!


Gone Fishing Gold Coast provides you with three different varieties of charters that will best fit your liking. The charters are as follows:

  • Private Charters

This charter provides you with a private off-shore fishing boat in Gold Coast for 5 hours. Prices range from $1500 for up to 11 passengers to an additional $120 per person for up to 15 passengers. People above 15 call for a QUOTE. The charter is licensed to hold 27 passengers.

  • 7-Hour Charters

Mixed 7-hour charters cost $190 per person. These charters are not private, but the price is quite reasonable compared to private charters. Private 7-hour charters price on application, and include lunch in the package. The charter is licensed to hold 27 people.

  • Custom Charters

Night or custom charters have to be booked in advance, on a specific date and time.

At Gone Fishing Gold Coast, we know and understand that everyone’s lives have become dull and tiring. We all need to escape from our homes’ aggravating environment, so why not have a joyful and entertaining escape on the famous Gold Coast, with our help, to make sure your trip is not the least bit unpleasant. Give this year a fresh start, and don’t let this chance go. Book a charter before anyone else, and make unique and worthwhile memories with your loved ones now!

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