Best Fishing Charters in Gold Coast

We welcome you onboard Gold Coast Fishing Charters by Gone Fishing.

Come and enjoy saltwater fishing and cheap fishing trips near me with an Australian-owned and operated business on the Gold Coast. We guarantee an action-packed day out with you and your friends. We offer excellent customer service with our experienced crew catering to seasoned anglers and novices alike for cheap fishing trips near me.

Our vessel is spacious, large, and comfortable, and it can accommodate up to 27 passengers, 52ft of comfortable fishing! Our prices are comparable to other Gold Coast charters, and we offer excellent customer service. If the season is here, we will also offer one of the cheapest whale-watching trips. Please contact us to check the availability of dates and prices. The package includes cold bottles of water, coffee, and tea, free of charge!

What can you do on the Gold Coast Fishing Charters?

  • South-East Queensland has a fascinating aquatic life from surface to ground reef fish. From June till November, the majestic Humpback Whales can watch on their winter migration, whaling as often as every charter.
  • On the fishing charters, you will also regularly find beautiful dolphins, sharks, and turtles, along with abundant sea birds like gulls, cormorants, Thames, sea eagles, and, of course, the powerful Albatross.
  • Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fishing fan, Gold Coast Fishing Charter offers you a great experience in fishing and boating. Located on the beautiful Gold Coast, your fishing dreams can get realized. 
  • We are a Gold Coast Fishing Charter locally owned and operated to provide anglers with the ultimate fishing adventure and cheap fishing trips near me.
  • The reef and game fishing charters, all bait and tackle, morning tea, lunch, Icy coffee, and drinks, are available for half a day or full day charters. You keep what you catch, and we clean and bag your fish for your comfort. 
  • Our experienced crew will help you to ensure your day is successful and enjoyable in every way possible.

What is Included in Cheap Fishing Trips near me?

The skipper and deckhand (single request!), iced water, soft drinks, sunscreen, bait, tackles, and quality Penn and Shimano rods and reels are the help and advice you want. You can keep, release or share your legal fish. We bleed the intestines, ice, and bag for your convenience.

Are we Checking the Weather?

We frequently check the weather, and we do not go out in unsafe weather. Most days are very calm. We sometimes go out in moderate to rough weather. For charter fishing, we still fish well when the wind is up. We anchor when we have to, and it can be comfortable in high winds.

Fishing Charters must make a weather cancellation (and not our guests). Guests are notified if that is the case. The weather forecasts are often harder to read than expected, and for different times of the year, we have a few good wind directions that allow us to complete your trip. Depending on the source and the large area they are expected from, weather forecasts are not always accurate.

Why Choose Gold Coast Fishing Charters?

Gold Coast Fishing Charters has local knowledge and experience to make your fishing experience a success! Whether it’s deep-sea fishing, reef fishing, game fishing, or cheap fishing trips near me. The offshore waters of the Gold Coast are home to a large number of fish species year-round. We are here to fulfill your desire for fishing, from reef fishing for Snapper or Pearl Perch to trolling for Marlin and Tuna. Make your holidays on the Gold Coast memorable and book a lifetime fishing trip.


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