5 Deep Sea Fishing Tips & Tricks

Deep-sea fishing is a great activity. It is the best fishing technique that any fisherman would dream of knowing. In this post, we have put together one of the best deep-sea fishing tips for beginners. Read on to learn the valuable tricks for deep sea fishing gold coast in case you’re just starting.


Deep-sea fishing takes place at sea and in the deepest waters. In this case, the pouring depth is usually around 30 meters or even more.

Deep-sea fishing is also called deep-sea fishing, boat fishing, or sport fishing. And unlike the usual fishing methods you may have come across, deep-sea fishing will expose any angler to a variety of big game fish, including:

  • Marlins
  • Sharks
  • Tuna
  • Cobia

Expert Advice on Deep Sea Fishing Preparation

If you want to get into deep-sea fishing, there are a few things you need to do first. Some of these items are the following beginner offshore fishing advice that we will tell you below.

1) Get the right equipment

Deepsea fishing requires the proper equipment. This is frequently the essential rule. In a nutshell, you should dress appropriately.

In addition to that, you must bring a clean towel with you. Towels are used to dry off after fishing. On top of that, if you must stay until sunset, you need to bring some layers.

On many occasions, people have always suggested hoodies, sweatpants, and blankets if it’s going after sunset.

2) Maintain hydration in your body.

Drink plenty of water when you’re out on the open sea. This will assist you in remaining correctly hydrated. It will keep your skin moisturized and your lips from becoming chapped.

The sun’s rays refract off the water’s surface, making the day feel warmer. This will cause you to sweat profusely. It will also cause a significant loss of body fluids and, in most cases, motion nausea.

As a result, you should constantly replenish your body. It will significantly improve your mood. As we see others do, if you drink alcoholic beverages, drink lots of water to balance it out.

3) Know the legal regulations

Deep-sea fishing has a series of laws that govern the process. It is essential that you also have all the laws at your fingertips.

You can select one of the local charter companies to help you. On top of that, do your research and make sure you familiarize yourself with the local laws in the area.

Some of the things you need to determine include regulations on the type of fish to fish, where to fish, and when to fish.

Working with licensed companies is more advisable, as these companies can help you acquire the proper permits for a memorable fishing experience.

4) Choose the correct type of bait

The bait used in shallow water is entirely different from that used in the deep-sea fishing experience. Make sure you’ve got the right bait in place.

So instead of the night crawlers you often use in the pond, understand the type of fish you want to catch and choose the right kind of live or artificial bait. I suggest going for the following baits.

  • Pilchards
  • Praws
  • Slimy Mackerel
  • Yellowtail Mackerel

Note: To attract larger fish like sharks, you need to make sure your baits are oily or just meaty.

5) Deep-sea fishing methods

We know most beginners must be wondering what their best fishing method would be for the perfect deep-sea experience. Well, from what we’ve compiled, most of the deep-sea fishing tips for beginners suggest using any of the following methods.


Chumming is used precisely to attract any type of fish.


Casting is a method used by experts. It is done by casting a line along with the current. However, it only works best when you have signs of large fish. It’s simple and only requires you to cast a line and let the fish bite the lure.

Additional tips for deep-sea fishing

Apart from what we have seen, several tips will also help you in your deep-sea fishing experience. They include the following.

  • Opt for a big boat, the best to stay with the fishing
  • Be on the lookout for dolphins if you are fishing for tuna
  • In case of motion sickness, be sure to treat it right away.
  • If you are starting out, be sure to go with a group of experts

5 Tips for a Better Fishing Charter Experience

If you are looking for the best fishing charters Gold Coast, you came to the right place. There are certain aspects that make a fishing trip a success as well as there are certain aspects that could compromise it. But we will focus on those tips that you absolutely have to take into account in order to have one of the best fishing experiences. Before we start, know that with Gone Fishing you can find everything you need in one place! 

1. Find a company you trust 

If you want to go on a fishing charter, one of the first things you will have to do is identify a company you trust. It is essential to trust not only the crew of the charter but also the equipment you are given on board. There are different fishing charters on the market but the best ones will always be those that offer you just what you need and more so, check what other clients had to say about a certain company you are planning to invest in for your next fishing charter. 

2. Check the conditions offered

You want a company that offers you great conditions for you as well as your friends if you are planning to go in a group. A spacious ship with all the conditions and supplies you need might represent one of your main attention points. For instance, if you go fishing with our company, you can enjoy vessels that can accommodate up to 27 passengers. But you can find smaller or bigger vessels as well so, keep in mind to check this aspect. 

3. Are you comfortable with the price 

Different fishing charters will come at different prices and you might not even find two charters at the same cost. The price will vary depending on the experience of the crew but also the fishing tools you might find on board which you can use at your discretion. It is important to check not only the price but also what is included in it in order to have the best fishing experience.  

4. Where is the charter going to be 

The location of your charter is just as important as the rest of the conditions. You want to go to waters that are of higher quality so you need tio find fishing charters that offer you proper conditions to actually catch some fish. Which is what you will definitely have if you go with our company. The only aspect you need to pay attention if you want to join our charters is the date as we are booked rather fast during the season weeks. 

5. Do you get fishing help or support

A great customer service is also essential. You want to be able to ask any question that comes to your mind and decide if the fishing charter you want to go with is the best decision. With our business however, you can enjoy a very professional customer service and you will prefer to keep us close for all your fishing experiences. 

As you can see these are some basics that you should consider when you are planning to invest in a fishing company. But according to your personal preferences, you might need to take other aspects in the account as well. Keep in mind that your needs might not be common to all the clients so you will need to find a fishing charter that works for you before it works for everyone else. This is why you might be charmed even by charters that are not so popular because what works for you might not work for everyone.

Night Deep Sea Fishing Gold Coast

If you want to experience some night fishing gold coast, you will need to work with a trustworthy company. Our company offers the best night fishing Gold Coast experience you can find and at very budget friendly costs. Plus, all our crew is equipped with the experience and the tools you might need to make the most out of this experience. 

While you are in a fishing trip with us, we will make sure you have everything you need to get all your expectations met. We are a friendly team of people who create an amazing atmosphere on the boat while we help our customers find the satisfaction and relaxation they need through such an experience. You will find a spacious vessel that you can enjoy for your entire trip along with your friends and family. 

When it comes to night fishing trips, safety is always a must. And we make sure that you take no risks at all during such an experience. As a matter of fact we will invest in everything you need to find all a good fishing trip requires. The customer service you will find with us is very efficient and extremely helpful so we can support you in any concern you might have. 

During night fishing trips, you will also need special equipment and we make sure we provide all that at the most convenient cost. In case you need any special tools or items we offer you all the support you need to make sure you get everything you and your friends require as far as safety and a good time with us goes. And since you will stay up late to make the most out of your night fishing trips, you can count on coffee and tea in the house to help you stay agile while on water. 

If you want to go on a night charter with us, it is important to get in touch with our team so we can tell you the available dates. We will make sure you get the best trip at the time you want to schedule it. The number of customers is important for such events and we want to make sure everything is ready and safe for everyone to enjoy their time with us. Night charters are some of the most exciting you can try and they can also be a romantic escape for you and your significant other or for more couples. We stay at your disposal for any questions you might have regarding these trips including the conditions we offer or the equipment we have available. Weather is also very important when it comes to such night trips because we want to be prepared for everything. 

At our company you will find a trained crew that can help you in anything you need while you are on board. So, you can even be a beginner because we have you all set and cozy for the experience of your life. Plus, once you start going on night charters or any other charters with us, you will not want to try any other company. We know how to cherish our clients and maintain a friendship type of relationship with those that choose to return for more experiences. Book your next night charter now and you will discover a new hobby as fishing at night is truly a unique experience that everyone should enjoy at least once. And with us, you get all you need to make the most out of this experience without breaking your budget or taking any risks. Call us now and we will be at your service to put together the trip you dream to have! 

Whale-Watching Gold Coast in 2021

It is a spectacular scene to watch the migration of whales along the east coast of Australia. The way whales move their tails, swim, lift and splash the water is a captivating sight for nature lovers. For Gold Coast residents, fishing and whale watching are the primary sports. Gone Fishing Gold Coast provides the best whale watching on the Gold Coast to refresh their minds. When the pandemic hit, and people got made to stay at home. It caused everyone to be depressed and worried. You can now take the necessary safety precautions and enjoy whale watching as this opportunity is only available for a few months a year.

Whale-Watching Season

Whales can get watched during their migration as they migrate between May to November, but the most suitable time for whale-watching is from June to October. Between May and June, whales move towards the north to give birth and then return in August to November with their young ones. 

The humpback whales have one of the longest migratory journeys of any mammal, i.e., 5,000km, over three months each year along Australia’s east coast. Reason enough to book a whale watching tour between July and October each year. In this season, most nature lovers will be found on Gold Coast’s beaches. Another chance to watch the whale is when they pass Byron Bay or Sydney. Read on to find out the best whale watching on the Gold Coast.

Why is it recommended to rise Early for Whale-Watching?

There is no exact time to watch the whales on the Gold Coast in broad terms. But there are reasons why whale lovers prefer to rise early on a whale-watching day.

  • Peaceful Environment

In the morning, there is calmness in the environment and low wind pressure; therefore, it is suitable for whale lovers to spot a whale at a distance in the early morning.

  • Enjoy the Sunrise 

If you go whale watching in the early morning, you get to enjoy the sunrise too, on the best whale watching on the Gold Coast by Gone Fishing.

  • Better Light for Photography

Making your whale-watching experience memorable by taking great pictures because morning light gives the best outdoor photography results.

Gone Fishing Gold Coast Whale-Watching

  • Gone Fishing is the best whale-watching company on the Gold Coast. 
  • We have a unique whale-watching Gold Coast charter to make your day memorable. 
  • We also offer a private charter if you want to spend time with your family and friends in your personal space. 
  • Whale-watching is an engaging activity in 2021. 
  • It will help strengthen the bond among family members, enjoy a day, or make a memory. 
  • Due to the Covid-19, there are limited activities allowed by the higher authorities, so it is the best opportunity for the Australian residents to enjoy whale watching by booking the best whale watching on the Gold Coast by Gone Fishing.
  • We offer the most competitive rates for whale-watching charters on the Gold Coast. 
  • Book your tour today by contacting us. 

How to Book a Whale Watching Charter?

  • Contact us through email and book your charter online.
  • Don’t worry about your vehicles as we have free parking areas.
  • Our prices are reasonable
  • Bring your identity card with you.


Best Fishing Charters in Gold Coast

We welcome you onboard Gold Coast Fishing Charters by Gone Fishing.

Come and enjoy saltwater fishing and cheap fishing trips near me with an Australian-owned and operated business on the Gold Coast. We guarantee an action-packed day out with you and your friends. We offer excellent customer service with our experienced crew catering to seasoned anglers and novices alike for cheap fishing trips near me.

Our vessel is spacious, large, and comfortable, and it can accommodate up to 27 passengers, 52ft of comfortable fishing! Our prices are comparable to other Gold Coast charters, and we offer excellent customer service. If the season is here, we will also offer one of the cheapest whale-watching trips. Please contact us to check the availability of dates and prices. The package includes cold bottles of water, coffee, and tea, free of charge!

What can you do on the Gold Coast Fishing Charters?

  • South-East Queensland has a fascinating aquatic life from surface to ground reef fish. From June till November, the majestic Humpback Whales can watch on their winter migration, whaling as often as every charter.
  • On the fishing charters, you will also regularly find beautiful dolphins, sharks, and turtles, along with abundant sea birds like gulls, cormorants, Thames, sea eagles, and, of course, the powerful Albatross.
  • Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fishing fan, Gold Coast Fishing Charter offers you a great experience in fishing and boating. Located on the beautiful Gold Coast, your fishing dreams can get realized. 
  • We are a Gold Coast Fishing Charter locally owned and operated to provide anglers with the ultimate fishing adventure and cheap fishing trips near me.
  • The reef and game fishing charters, all bait and tackle, morning tea, lunch, Icy coffee, and drinks, are available for half a day or full day charters. You keep what you catch, and we clean and bag your fish for your comfort. 
  • Our experienced crew will help you to ensure your day is successful and enjoyable in every way possible.

What is Included in Cheap Fishing Trips near me?

The skipper and deckhand (single request!), iced water, soft drinks, sunscreen, bait, tackles, and quality Penn and Shimano rods and reels are the help and advice you want. You can keep, release or share your legal fish. We bleed the intestines, ice, and bag for your convenience.

Are we Checking the Weather?

We frequently check the weather, and we do not go out in unsafe weather. Most days are very calm. We sometimes go out in moderate to rough weather. For charter fishing, we still fish well when the wind is up. We anchor when we have to, and it can be comfortable in high winds.

Fishing Charters must make a weather cancellation (and not our guests). Guests are notified if that is the case. The weather forecasts are often harder to read than expected, and for different times of the year, we have a few good wind directions that allow us to complete your trip. Depending on the source and the large area they are expected from, weather forecasts are not always accurate.

Why Choose Gold Coast Fishing Charters?

Gold Coast Fishing Charters has local knowledge and experience to make your fishing experience a success! Whether it’s deep-sea fishing, reef fishing, game fishing, or cheap fishing trips near me. The offshore waters of the Gold Coast are home to a large number of fish species year-round. We are here to fulfill your desire for fishing, from reef fishing for Snapper or Pearl Perch to trolling for Marlin and Tuna. Make your holidays on the Gold Coast memorable and book a lifetime fishing trip.