Fishing Lessons in Gold Coast

If you’re looking for a fun boat trip to spend time with your friends on the weekend, Gold Coast will provide you with a fun-filled experience. All you need to bring is a camera, some sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, and a hat, and the rest will get provided to you. Gold Coast provides private charters, shared charters, whale watching, and scuba diving. If you plan on fishing, you don’t need to be worried about being a beginner or a seasoned angler. Make your fishing dreams come true by Gone Fishing Gold Coast’s offers of full-day, half-day reef, game fishing charters, and night fishing Gold Coast.

What Types of Fish Can You Catch?

Our guests usually catch:

  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Spotted Mackerel
  • School Mackerel
  • Cobia
  • Tuna
  • Shark Tailor
  • Large Blue Spotted Reef Flathead
  • Marlin
  • Tagline
  • Turkish
  • Snapper
  • Jewfish
  • Wahoo
  • Trevally

Equipment and Refreshments:

We provide the best quality equipment and refreshments like:

  • Left-handed Penn and Shimano rods and reels
  • Berkley Whiplash “Super Braid” fishing line
  • Tackle
  • Fish bait
  • Sunscreen
  • Iced water
  • Tea, coffee, and biscuits
  • Printed fish recipes
  • Tips and assistance from the skipper and deckhand

The Trip, Prices, And Location:

The 5-hour boat trip starts at a price as low as $99 per person. Gone Fishing Gold Coast Charters is situated at Marina Mirage, 74 SeaWorld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia.

The Boat:

The Gone Fishing Vessel has soft riding capabilities and stability which makes her the ideal fishing platform. The biggest offshore fishing boat is equipped with a turbocharged Cat diesel engine to provide a cruising speed of 16 knots and a top speed of 20 knots to ensure that your day is not wasted in getting to the fishing grounds. You will be provided with an ample undercover fishing room and a comfortable saloon to relax in. Our vessel is perfect for night fishing on the Gold Coast. The boat is built for both – reef fishing and trolling. It is equipped with the latest technology to help locate shoals of fish.

Helpful Crew:

The fish you catch is cleaned and bagged for your convenience and you also get to keep what you catch. Our experienced crew will give you every assistance to make sure that you have a successful and enjoyable day. You can even call the friendly operators directly if you would like to know more information about Gone Fishing Gold Coast Fishing Charters. Our crew members are good at boating, fishing, surfing, and sports in general. They have been chartering the open waters of the Pacific Ocean and have a vast knowledge of the local waterways, conditions, and seasonal fish habitat, so you know you are in good hands.

Half-Day Morning Trip:

The half-day morning deep sea reef and game Fishing Charter departs at 6:00 am (although it is better to come at 5: 40 am) and ends at 11:00 am. The boat hears out from the Spit and out through the Gold Coast Seaway to the Offshore fishing grounds for an awesome day of the deep-sea reef and game Fishing. The 5-hour morning fishing trips are perfect for both – beginners and expert fishermen. 

Half-Day Afternoon Trip:

The afternoon half-ray Deep Sea Fishing Charter departs at 11:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm. The afternoon fishing trips are perfect when you have limited time available and need the morning free.

Full-Day Fishing Trip:

The full-day fishing trip offers a 9-hour charter for group bookings only (12 – 28 people). The Gold Coast full-day Fishing Charter departs at 6:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm. The 9-hour fishing trips are perfect for people who want a few extra hours of fishing time.

Twilight Night Fishing:

The Twilight Night Fishing Gold Coast trip offers a half-day evening Fishing Charter that departs at 4:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm. Group bookings for 12 or 16 people are allowed.


Best Deep-Sea Fishing in Gold Coast

Are you looking for a calm and relaxing getaway or an entertaining fishing trip with your friends and family on the Gold Coast? Not to worry, as Gone Fishing Gold Coast has you covered. From sedentary whale-watching in the winters to a serene and exhilarating fishing experience in the summers, Gone Fishing Gold Coast has you covered with the best equipment, skippers, and the perfect spot for you to fish.


  • Gone Fishing Gold Coast provides you with a large and spacious, comfortable 52-ft vessel that can accommodate up to 27 passengers, specialized skippers, and the latest fishing equipment to ensure that you are comfortable during your fishing trip.
  •  We offer competitive prices and assure excellent customer service. 
  • Coldwater, coffee, and tea are also provided with no extra charges. 
  • Lunches are included in 7-hour packages. 
  • Free parking is also available. 
  • Gone Fishing Gold Coast’s services are just a call away!

Best Deep-Sea Fishing Packages

Gone Fishing Gold Coast provides you with a variety of packages that best fit your interest. The packages are as follows:

  • Half-Day Morning

From 6 am till 11 am, Gone Fishing Gold Coast will provide you with an offshore fishing boat in Gold CoastCharges are $150 per person. This package is perfect for you if you enjoy the cool morning sea breeze and are short on cash. With this economic package, you can be out on the sea at dawn and visit a breathtaking sunset on the Gold Coast horizon with your loved ones.

  • Half-Day Afternoon

From 11:55 am till 4:55 am, you can go out into the deep seas of the Gold Coast and spend a fun and exciting afternoon fishing with your friends and family. Charges are $150 per person. The Half-Day Afternoon package is just right for you if you are the type of person who enjoys getting basked in the sunlight.

  • Full Day

From 6 am till 4 pm, spend your whole day fishing in the calm and relaxing seas of the Gold Coast with your loved ones. Charges are $240 per person. This package is suitable for people willing to spend the whole day fishing.

  • Buck Parties

Celebrate the day before your marriage on the Gold Coast, and show off your bucks in the most extensive fishing charter on the Gold Coast!

  • Gifts for Him/her

With the absolute adrenaline rush, surprise and spoil your loved ones!


Gone Fishing Gold Coast provides you with three different varieties of charters that will best fit your liking. The charters are as follows:

  • Private Charters

This charter provides you with a private off-shore fishing boat in Gold Coast for 5 hours. Prices range from $1500 for up to 11 passengers to an additional $120 per person for up to 15 passengers. People above 15 call for a QUOTE. The charter is licensed to hold 27 passengers.

  • 7-Hour Charters

Mixed 7-hour charters cost $190 per person. These charters are not private, but the price is quite reasonable compared to private charters. Private 7-hour charters price on application, and include lunch in the package. The charter is licensed to hold 27 people.

  • Custom Charters

Night or custom charters have to be booked in advance, on a specific date and time.

At Gone Fishing Gold Coast, we know and understand that everyone’s lives have become dull and tiring. We all need to escape from our homes’ aggravating environment, so why not have a joyful and entertaining escape on the famous Gold Coast, with our help, to make sure your trip is not the least bit unpleasant. Give this year a fresh start, and don’t let this chance go. Book a charter before anyone else, and make unique and worthwhile memories with your loved ones now!

Private Fishing Charters on the gold coast

Fishing is an excellent sport. It is one of the best pastimes to engage in. Are you trying to consider how to spend the next weekend? Are you planning the weekend to include only you or are thinking of enjoying it along with your spouse and kids? It won’t be a bad idea if you give them an opportunity at fishing. One of the best ways to get this done is to think of getting a fishing charter. With the fishing charter, everyone you take along with you is sure to have real fun. 

Fishing sport has been prevailing as the best in Australia. The continent of Australia is the hub of the fishing sport. Tourists make it every year to enjoy a unique encounter in the world. Due to the high demand for organized management of the fishing industry in Australia, a charter became necessary. With a list of more than enough companies giving the alliance, Australia boasts of being the destination of choice for fishing.

A fishing charter can be defined as renting a fishing boat to enter the deep seas and fish. This is commonly meant for holidaymakers who have a passion for fishing and enjoy fulfilling their passion for fishing. This can occur either at a personal level alone or as a team of friends, fellow workers or a group of family members. With the boat, the charter leader and his or her staff are trained to handle the ship and protect the visitors sitting on the chairs. Through the charter leader’s help, the visitors are guided to the spots and areas to get the most prized catch for the season.

At gold coast, the destination of fantasy for those who have not been there; sandy beaches with smooth sunshine does for one. With theme parks, night fun spots and shopping grounds for the visitors, a tourist will not know when the holiday is over. Gold coast is rated as the best resident for the elite family. Through the endorsement by different groups, all the factors of life that one would endeavour to enjoy like social class, health and political atmosphere are conducive.

There is one sole idea behind the immerse rating of Australia, fishing. Through the passing and documentation of history, 1987 was the year that the first charter was formed here at Gold Coast. There has been a significant change and development since then. Different ideas have been coined to give birth to more enjoyment by visiting tourists.

The most thrilling and amazing adventure that you will ever have is fishing in Australia. There are many spots with magnificent modern views. The different areas are abundant with various fish species, most of which are not found in any other world.

Most of the charters can be accessed through the internet for booking. By booking with, one can easily book and understand the different services offered by charters and their prices. The charges cover a wide range of services like the boat, accommodation, foodstuff, and equipment fishing types. The prices vary with the package and the boat’s size as you can’t compare that for the group with a family adventure. The web sites that majorly focus on fishing charters and are best at this service like us are better than the general search engines. The directories are specific and to the point.

Private fishing charters gold coast will always give their clients the best advice to optimize their fishing experience. Therefore, get well informed before you miss a slot at the fishing charter in Australia. Contact us and get the best deal, and enjoy the much-awaited weekend in a fun way!

Best Fishing Charters in Australia

Fishing charters are fun excursions, especially for those who enjoy being outdoors or fishing. Hiring a boat could be the best way to go if you plan a fishing trip with your family, friends or both. The charters are accompanied by a certified captain to ensure an enjoyable visit, enjoying the open sea. Moreover, the captain is well aware of the waters and will take you to the best fishing spots, not to mention the flexibility that this gives you to enjoy the trip to its full extent without thinking about the boats. So, all you have to do is living your passion and enjoying fishing!

Nonetheless, there are a few things that one should consider for maximum enjoyment during such an outing. This entails the trip’s initial planning to the things required to ensure safety, comfort, and absolute satisfaction. A few essential points in a fishing charter should be remembered to get the best experience on the gold coast.


Pre-Fishing Charter Preparation

If this is a first-time experience, a few notable points are worth mentioning to ensure that all bases are covered. For one, a budget and a destination have to be picked before anything else. Once this is determined, some research and inquiries must make sure that whatever requirements you have will be accommodated. You can ask about the number of people the charter has room for, whether they allow people to bring their fishing gear or not, what safety measures they have available for children, whether a fishing license is necessary if you can keep the fish or you have to let them go, and whether the vessel is registered with the required regulatory bodies, among other enquiries. Contact us, and we are looking forward to answering all your questions! If your needs have been met, reserve the charter and proceed to the next step.

Things to Bring

Some things are essential to help make the most of such an adventure. Though some things will be provided by the charter company, such as fishing equipment, bait, ice and sometimes beverages and snacks, it’s good to verify them before setting out, to ascertain that you do not leave anything behind. Things that you should undoubtedly bring include;

Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat are all protective items, for the skin, the eyes and the face. They may appear like items that one can do away with, but they are essential for a day out in the ocean. Sunscreen will protect from sunburns while sunglasses will shield the eyes from the brightness resulting from the sun’s rays hitting the water.

Proper clothing and shoes: The right dress is a must. The best way to determine what to wear and bring along is to look up the weather report for the day. However, always carry with you extra clothing if it gets chilly even though the sun is out and shinning. The best shoes are deck shoes because they have a grip and are appropriate for a boat.

Food and Water: This is a necessity for any trip. Snacks, a proper meal and beverages will keep everyone energetic and refreshed.

A more relaxed and camera: The fish needs to be stored somewhere cool to keep them fresh, and no trip is complete without some fun pictures to keep those memories alive.

Be sure you are familiar with all the costs included before undertaking this venture. Note what return policies the fishing charter company has and what their stand is on rescheduling. With all these areas covered, you are sure to have a pleasurable fishing trip.
Are you planning for a weekend getaway? The hunt for gold coast fishing charters is over now as we are the best in providing high-quality service and a memorable fishing experience. We are happy to take all the questions you have and look to start a joyful journey with you when it comes to fishing charters on the gold coast look no further as our service will surely impress you!