Whale-Watching Gold Coast in 2021

It is a spectacular scene to watch the migration of whales along the east coast of Australia. The way whales move their tails, swim, lift and splash the water is a captivating sight for nature lovers. For Gold Coast residents, fishing and whale watching are the primary sports. Gone Fishing Gold Coast provides the best whale watching on the Gold Coast to refresh their minds. When the pandemic hit, and people got made to stay at home. It caused everyone to be depressed and worried. You can now take the necessary safety precautions and enjoy whale watching as this opportunity is only available for a few months a year.

Whale-Watching Season

Whales can get watched during their migration as they migrate between May to November, but the most suitable time for whale-watching is from June to October. Between May and June, whales move towards the north to give birth and then return in August to November with their young ones. 

The humpback whales have one of the longest migratory journeys of any mammal, i.e., 5,000km, over three months each year along Australia’s east coast. Reason enough to book a whale watching tour between July and October each year. In this season, most nature lovers will be found on Gold Coast’s beaches. Another chance to watch the whale is when they pass Byron Bay or Sydney. Read on to find out the best whale watching on the Gold Coast.

Why is it recommended to rise Early for Whale-Watching?

There is no exact time to watch the whales on the Gold Coast in broad terms. But there are reasons why whale lovers prefer to rise early on a whale-watching day.

  • Peaceful Environment

In the morning, there is calmness in the environment and low wind pressure; therefore, it is suitable for whale lovers to spot a whale at a distance in the early morning.

  • Enjoy the Sunrise 

If you go whale watching in the early morning, you get to enjoy the sunrise too, on the best whale watching on the Gold Coast by Gone Fishing.

  • Better Light for Photography

Making your whale-watching experience memorable by taking great pictures because morning light gives the best outdoor photography results.

Gone Fishing Gold Coast Whale-Watching

  • Gone Fishing is the best whale-watching company on the Gold Coast. 
  • We have a unique whale-watching Gold Coast charter to make your day memorable. 
  • We also offer a private charter if you want to spend time with your family and friends in your personal space. 
  • Whale-watching is an engaging activity in 2021. 
  • It will help strengthen the bond among family members, enjoy a day, or make a memory. 
  • Due to the Covid-19, there are limited activities allowed by the higher authorities, so it is the best opportunity for the Australian residents to enjoy whale watching by booking the best whale watching on the Gold Coast by Gone Fishing.
  • We offer the most competitive rates for whale-watching charters on the Gold Coast. 
  • Book your tour today by contacting us. 

How to Book a Whale Watching Charter?

  • Contact us through email and book your charter online.
  • Don’t worry about your vehicles as we have free parking areas.
  • Our prices are reasonable
  • Bring your identity card with you.


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